Rooms Home escape is a mobile escape puzzle with escape room mechanics. You suddenly find yourself locked inside of a house. Are you smart enough to find your way out? Collect tools to use at your disposal, observe and find relevant clues. Solve compelling puzzles and find your way out!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorTiny Carnival
Tags2D, Colorful, Escape Game, Short

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nice :)


Very nice game, the circle thingies were a bit tricky though. Have a 7 out of 10 stars :D


Really nice game. Thank you for it. (smile)


awesome game and really fun to play!


Great quality escape game with some interesting puzzles!

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Lovely game! I didn't have trouble with the puzzles at all, the only thing I stumbled with was where to use the flashlight, but that's probably a me problem. My issue with the dial puzzle isn't figuring it out, but the way that you click on them to rotate is weird, a simple click to change the same way as the number locks should have been enough. It wasn't too easy but not too hard, and I loved the presentation, as well as the hint system. Looking forwards to more of your work.

Thanks would definitely look into updating this in the near future. You actually need to drag the dials to rotate it, and the game is still missing instructions for some minigames.


had fun playing it! got stuck on some parts but I loved most of the puzzles hehe


was fun

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I can't use the rope to get out of the window & win the game!

UPDATE: Actually, no, I'm really dumb.

Oh, and there's a huge issue with the aspect ratio; it's supposed to be in landscape, but on the web & when I use fullscreen sometimes, it's in the shape of a square instead. This gets REALLY annoying when I try to play like this.


Thanks for the feedback! New developer here. Might be able to include supporting different aspect ratios in future update.

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I cant solve the box with the code to get the snake :(

edit: im actually just dumb

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very good game, not so simple ;)

for me the clock says 11:40 but not 12:40 for the code. the hour hand clock is on 11 and not yet on 12!

can't wait for the next one :)

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It was one of the design dilemmas but seems like going for the exact hour where the hour hand was pointing was easier to figure out.


Really nice. Always the like the cleaner graphics escape games with nice sound effects. I indeed kinda tripped over the circle puzzle as well. The rest was quite do-able. With the circles I think, like you said below already, that you might've included a visual clue as to which parts of the circle need to match up.

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Loved the graphics very nice game, circles were hard HaHa!


Nice game although the "circles" puzzle is quite unclear....

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You actually need to match the outer ring patterns with the inner circle pattern, think of the adjacent sides as 4 quadrants. I might update this in a future release with a better graphic showing the 4 quadrants to emphasize the adjacent sides of the circles.


This was fun. I got stumped a couple of times, but managed to work it all out. Here's a playthrough for anyone else who is stuck...

Also, Bug Report: when in focus mode, you can "click through" to the background, causing a message to appear as if you clicked on the object in the room. This does not affect gameplay.

Thanks will definitely look into this and fix this in a future release.

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I had no problem with the dials clue.  Great game.


The circles puzzle in the loft makes no sense. The hint doesn't help. I understand the connection between the outer circles and the inner ring, but I don't understand how I'm supposed to match them up.

Check my comment


I watched the video you published and I don't understand how any of it adds up to be correct.

You have to count the amount of lines and dots and then match the halves of the outer circles with the amount of lines and dots across it on the inner circle. So, the bottom half of the top outer circle should match the top half of the inner circle, if that makes any sense.

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Hi thanks for your feedback! It can be a bit confusing but you need to match the outer circles pattern with the inner circle pattern, think of the adjacent sides as 4 quadrants. I could've done a better a job by visually dividing it into 4 quadrants :)